Working Papers

  • “The Demise of Walk Zones in Boston: Priorities vs. Precedence in School Choice,” (joint with, Umut DurScott Duke Kominers, and Parag Pathak), NBER Working Paper 18981. [ PDF ]
  • “Designing for Diversity in Matching ,” (joint with Scott Duke Kominers). [ PDF ]
  • “The Importance of Irrelevance of Rejected Contracts in Matching under Weakened Substitutes Conditions,” (joint with Orhan Aygün). [ PDF ]
  • “Matching with Contracts: Critical Role of Irrelevance of Rejected Contracts,” (joint with Orhan Aygün). [ PDF ]
  • “Changing the Boston School Choice Mechanism: Strategy-proofness as Equal Access,” (joint with Atila Abdulkadiroğlu, Parag Pathak, and Alvin Roth). [ PDF ]

Retired Paper

  • “Population Monotonicity of the Nucleolus on a Class of Public Good Problems.” [ PDF ]